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Great dog parks in Florida

sarasota dog park

Great dog parks in Florida

For people with dogs, finding a fun place where they can hang out with their pets can be easier said than done. Dog parks have become increasingly popular in recent years because of the desire take our dogs out for more than just a daily walk. Dog parks are essential for dogs and their owners who live in cities and cannot let their pets run around outdoors at their home.

Man’s best friend needs a place where he can run and play freely. He also needs the socialization that he will get in a public place where both dogs and people abound. Dog parks will encourage socialization while also showing owners in which areas their dogs may need further training.

Florida has risen to the challenge of providing dog parks all over the state. Whether you are a resident or just visiting, you will surely find a place to spend some quality time with your pooch. Here are a few great dog parks in Florida.




Sarasota was one of the first Florida cities to jump on the dog park bandwagon, and it remains a huge supporter of these recreational facilities.

One is the 17th Street Paw Park, which has seen the development of 3 additional dog parks by the same name since 1999. This park is attached to many other amenities, including softball and soccer fields and an archery range. Nice restrooms and a concession stand are other convenient amenities of this park.

Woodmere Paw Park is another great park in the Sarasota area. Small and large dogs have their own separate areas, and there are shaded picnic tables to keep everyone cool and comfortable while the puppies play. Walking paths for leashed dogs are close by as well.


Dr. Phillips Dog Park gives your furry friend a place to have a ball in Mickey’s backyard! It’s an excellent off-leash park for both large and small dogs. It is much more than a dog park, with lots of sports and leisure activities for humans, but pets are welcome in almost every area of the park. There is a splash pad for kids and picnic areas for everyone to enjoy.


Logan Gate Dog Park is a five-acre fenced in park that has separate play areas for large and small dogs. There are plenty of shady areas and picnic tables for a fun, relaxing day. It is fairly basic in terms of agility equipment and toys, but it’s clean and spacious and has water fountains for dogs and their two-legged friends.


Dog Wood Dog Park is one of the largest dog parks in Florida, with over 25 fenced-in acres of play area. There is a lake for swimming and other water activities in which dogs and their owners are welcome to participate. This park also offers bathing stations for a nominal fee, and the park offers classes for dogs of all ages. Owners can buy a membership or pay by the visit to access all these great amenities.

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