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What are some of the extinct species


What are some of the extinct species

Extinct species are those that do not exist anymore and do not have any living member of the species left. These are a few animals that are now completely extinct.


1) A nomadic bird that could achieve speeds more than 60mph, the passenger pigeon was once crosswise over North America, from the Great Plains to the Atlantic Coast. At the height of their population they numbered up to five billion, making them the most populous species of bird on the planet. That was until the entry of Europeans, who hunted them on an industrial scale for lesser priced meat. Several millions were slaughtered every year and the last wild passenger pigeon was seen in 1901. They are extinct attributable to a combination of aftereffects of human movement, including the destruction of their food sources, westward development, and overhunting.


2) Perhaps the most acclaimed extinct species, the dodo which is endemic to Mauritius was wiped out in only a couple of decades. The primary recorded mention of the flightless bird was by Dutch sailors in 1598; the last sighting of one out of 1662. It owes a lot of its fame to its appearance in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


3) This subspecies of the black rhino once meandered sub-Saharan Africa, however succumbed to poaching. Its population was in the hundreds of every 1980, tumbled to 10 by 2000, and only five multi year later. Reviews in 2006 neglected to find any and it was pronounced extinct in 2011.


4) Extinct since 2000, the Pyrenean ibex – a subspecies of the Spanish ibex – was once normal to the Pyrenees yet its population fell strongly in the nineteenth and twentieth hundred of years. The purposes for its decrease stay obscure. In 2003 it quickly progressed toward becoming “unextinct”, after scientist figured out how to clone a female, yet it died minutes in the wake of being born.

Pyrenean ibex

5) A subspecies of plains zebra, with stripes just on the front half of its body, the quagga lived in South Africa. It was vigorously hunted after Dutch pioneers arrived and discovered it contending with domesticated animals for forage. It was extinct in the wild by 1878; the last captive specimen died in Amsterdam in 1883.


6) A modest, nocturnal creature and similar in appearance to a dog (however with a stiff tail and abdominal pouch), the Tasmanian tiger was rare or extinct on the Australian mainland before the entry of the British yet made due on Tasmania. Hunting, disease, the introduction of dogs and human encroachment all added to its downfall there. The last known specimen died in Hobart Zoo in 1936.

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