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The most uncommon pets

Farm Sugar Glider

The most uncommon pets

We have read of the dog lovers and the cat lovers but there are quite a few people all over the world who have pets that can be considered “weird” and uncommon maybe even fall outside the Mammalia category but remember that pets are pets and we love them all.


  • Cockroaches- You may consider this gross and too peculiar but if you move beyond the idea that it is a household insect known to infect houses, you should be fine. There are cockroaches that are completely human friendly and safe to keep at home and as a pet. They don’t require much attention and actually make pretty good pets.
  • Skunks have been kept as pets since the mid twentieth century, however these striped animals have never been that prevalent. It could be due the species’ smelly reputation, however domesticated skunks’ scent glands are removed when they’re around a month old, so owners won’t need to live with the stench. Skunk enthusiasts depict them as exceptionally touchy and keen animals, with inquisitive personalities.


  • Native to Australia, the wallaby is a marsupial like its cousin the kangaroo. It can grow up to 41 inches (104 centimetres) long and weigh up to 53 pounds (24 kilograms). It may be extremely adorable, yet the wallaby is additionally a quick jumper and needs a ton of space to bounce around at high speeds.


  • Some portion of the possum family, sugar gliders are rapidly getting to be one of America’s most loved peculiar pet species. They are native to Australia and get their name in light of a special membrane that stretches out from the front leg to the hind leg, enabling them to glide from tree to tree. The normal full-developed glider will weigh just around 3 ounces (85 grams) and stretch around 7 inches (17 centimetres) long.


  • This pig isn’t the 1-ton (2,000-pound) assortment you’d find on a farm, yet a smaller breed that makes a pretty good pet. George Clooney broadly administered to a potbellied pig named Max for over 18 years. These squealers are generally odour-free and easy to train. Police departments have even utilized potbellied pigs as drug sniffers, due to them being easy to train and the way that they have an astounding sense of smell.


  • Goats have for quite some time been kept as pets; even Abraham Lincoln had a pet goat in the White House amid his presidency. Albeit a great many people don’t keep standard dairy goats as pets any longer, pygmy goats are famous as pets, on account of their compact sizes and friendly dispositions. These grass-eaters are similar to little mutts in size and are by and large viewed as easy to tend to.

  • Numerous think the surge in pet hedgehogs started with the release of the well-known computer game, “Sonic the Hedgehog” in 1991, and this is one fad that appears to have fortitude. Hedgehogs are generally mixed up for little porcupines, however the two species are not related. Hedgehogs can differ in size from .5 pounds to 1.5 pounds (.23 kilograms to .6 kilograms), with spines up to .75 inches (1.9 centimetres) long.


  • The American Pet Products Association reports that in excess of 3 million individuals in the United States claim to have pets which are equine animals, including miniature donkeys. As per the National Miniature Donkey Association (NMDA), these animals make good pets since they are friendly and good with youngsters.



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